Power Up

Remember our little bathroom rack-turned-spice-rack from our old apartment?

spice rack yellow


We decided that it didn’t fit in our new stove/cooking space, plus we have a ton more cupboards to store extra spices (aka, spices without pretty bottles 😉 ). I saw this spice rack at World Market for $9.99, and instantly knew he was the one.

spice rack

You can see that we still have no backsplash behind the stove (spring break project party, anyone?). This shot also shows our wonderful butcher block. We have this installed in two places in the kitchen, which makes meal and lunch prep so easy! A built in cutting board!

I also saw these little cuties for $1.99. How could I resist?

I also saw these little cuties for $1.99. How could I resist?

Once I had decided to cheat on my old spice rack, I decided to paint him grey and move him to the bathroom for some much needed decor/storage. I’ve watched Jesse hang enough curtains over the past 2 weeks that I was easily able to install the shelf using wall anchors and a power drill. It’s also level! Unbelievable.

downstairs bathroom shelf

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