Porch Update #2


I finally got a love seat for our porch! It’s from Pier One and I got in on Craigslist for cheap. Michael and Jesse gave it a stamp of approval after they watched the Dodgers on a laptop and smoked cigars tonight in one of the converted Garden Offices in our yard.

It did mean that I had to move my shelf (I was worried that it would blow over if I placed it against anything but the one solid wall) into our storage unit. This meant that I also had to re-organize the packing boxes in the storage unit. Granted, it was about time. Our moving boxes have been haphazardly shoved in there for six months, which really has been a tragic waste of lots of good space. So good came from having to move the shelf. Plus I now have a place to store all my new gardening supplies!

But it did mean that I had to move my herb garden indoors, since I no longer have anything to set it on. Luckily, we have a kitchen window which gets a good amount of sunlight. Plus our herbs should be near where we cook, if and when we ever decide to use them. Right now, ripping off leaves seems a little anti-thetical to my mission.


Drink the sun, my little herbs!

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