Poor Clara

It’s happened again, for the second time. Our poor little Claire-bear is going through her “womanlies”. We still had not made the decision to get her fixed, simply because we were lazy about getting around to it. And there’s that desire to have at least one set of puppies…just take a look at older posts to remember how incredibly adorable maltipoo puppies are. They also sell for $400-900/each, so there is real value in breeding them.

Clara, when she was just a few months old

However, the minute we realized this was starting again, I asked Jesse if I could start calling around to animal hospitals in the area to see if one had an opening for a spaying surgery. As fun as puppies are, we don’t yet have a house. And this whole 3 week cycle thing is NOT fun– we have to keep little doggie diapers on her for the first week since she’s bleeding (which makes it sooooo funny when she tries to poop!) and she smells bad for all 3 weeks.

Plus, it’s pathetic. Our normally fun and vivacious doggie is lethargic and just lays on our laps for hours at a time without moving. Sometimes she yelps out because she’s in pain. It’s pretty heartbreaking, simply because we love her to death, regardless of how many inconveniences she’s put us through. Both Jesse and I have had nightmares about her getting hurt or run over by a car. In many ways, she will always be our first “baby” (funny how we don’t feel this way about Mirabelle….cats are also not as “human” in many ways as dogs). I never understood how people could say this about their pets until we got Claire.

But I’m wavering once again. I just read about the surgery, and it’s pretty invasive. I know that almost EVERYONE gets their pets spayed, but upon reading reviews for the different animal hospitals, so many reported huge infections and pain afterwards for their animals. Ah! I don’t know if I can take it! When Mirabelle was spayed, 3 years ago before we left LA, I was a nervous wreck all day. I was crying and couldn’t focus on anything. We’ve had Claire twice as long as we’d owned Mirabelle, AND we love her a ton more. I don’t think I can handle it knowing that my precious doggie is getting sliced open.

What should I do?

A few weeks ago

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  • http://www.jourdelavie.blogspot.com Jenni O

    Get her spayed! 🙂 It was hard to get my puppy spayed but am so glad I did. She did not have any infections at all. She was fine after a few days to a week. As long as you keep the cone on her head, she should be okay. You just never know what could happen with a dog in heat….I have heard horror stories. Anyways, just my opinion.