Pie Tin Play

Today, I pulled another activity out of my “Baby Play” book. This one had limited success…or should I say, different success.

Instead of wanting to bang on it (teaching cause and effect), he just wanted to chew on it...just like everything else he sees!

"What. Am I doing this wrong?". Also, notice the tiny tear in his eye. A few minutes before, he had just tried to walk on his own in the split second that I turned my back, causing a giant face plant into the carpet (he hasn't learned to bend his knees yet!)

I think we just figured out why this activity was in the "3 Month old" section

Once he had learned to bend the tin into small pieces, there were, as you can imagine, lots of sharp metal corners jutting out, so I took it away eventually immediately…

The scarf game, however, was still a giant winner.

That's a lot of intensity, all rolled up into one kid. I don't know where he got it from. Notice the hand over hand coordination!

What he really wanted, however, was the tube. So, he crawled over me to get it.

And, instead of chewing, immediately began to yodel!

Also, just look at that chubby belly!!! Love it!!!

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  • courtney

    LOVE those pictures, especially the scarf one! so crazy! 🙂