Patio Furniture Slipcovers

You may remember this $20 wicker patio set I picked up at the thrift store a few months ago:

Garage Sale Deals 11

I believe that I also mentioned they came with super ugly floral chair cushions (let us never speak of these again).

Patio Slipcover before

Back in April, I bought some outdoor fabric that I absolutely love. Yesterday, in between piano lessons, I finally had the opportunity to sew up some fitted slipcovers/pillow covers for these guys! (note: you’ll have to excuse the placement of the furniture on our lawn. We’re FINALLY staining our deck today, so everything is out of place).

Patio Slipcover bench

Patio Slipcover chair and pillow

If you could see how lovely and cheery it is in person, you’d just die. It’s that awesome. I picked this fabric because the blue, yellow and mocha brown match other things on the patio (not to mention our blue house).

Next up (later…) I have to tackle the upholstery on our outdoor dining chairs (you can see two of the khaki corners in the picture above).

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