Our First Day In the Townhouse

We got up and went to church– my first day back!!

Fr. Lawrence met us at the door for the “churching” prayers

Next, he took me around the church to the different icons

After communion, we realized that G was tired when he fell asleep in the laps of two of his “friends”. Everyone thought this was so cute, they all grabbed their cameras and started taking pictures. I don’t think the back half of church heard ANY of the post communion prayers– they were all too busy awww-ing!

We got home, ate some lunch, and then went on a walk to the school in order to time it for Jesse. Just 3 minutes, WITH toddlers in tow! What a tough commute, don’t you feel sorry for the poor guy?

You can see our townhome behind the fence

Then it was time to buy some groceries, so we headed to our trusty Trader Joe’s.

Seriously, how did we ever survive without this store??? How??

Taking a picture of the fam for our friend, Fr. James, who was on the phone with Jesse at the time. Btw…I’ve since told Jesse that he needs to pay more attention to what’s in the background. Awkward.

After Jesse and I unloaded our groceries, I decided to take a picture of our master bedroom, “en-progresse”.

Our duvet cover was just taken from the package yesterday, so it obviously needs a good ole’ trip to the ironing board.

Here’s a picture with a little more light. I haven’t unpacked the lamps that go in this room yet– that silver one was stolen from the living room in case I had any midnight-feeding-mishaps with Anthony

And now, we’re back at my parents for the evening. We don’t have internet until tomorrow, and they were grilling steak, so we couldn’t resist…plus, it’s a 5 minute drive! Why not?

Anthony, aka, King of the Painful Looking Sleep Positions. You can’t have my chiropractor– SHE’S ALL MINE, KIDDO.

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