On Sleep

We’ve had a lot more success putting G to sleep lately (unless, of course, we’re at the Unruhs…it’s as though he knows we have something else we’d rather be doing!).

One of my favorite tricks is putting him in the Mei Tai wrap for about 30 min. while I do dishes, housework, etc. He loves being close and rarely even notices that he’s slowly…falling…asleep…Many times, he’ll just get sleepy enough that Jesse is able to put him down easily, with a little bit of coaxing (of course, as I write this he’s refusing to fall asleep for Jesse in the other room…). Occasionally, however, he’ll fall fast asleep, without any help. When I want to set him down, I just undo the straps and ease him out! Nothing to it! He napped for nearly 2 hours this way at church yesterday, all through post-communion prayers and coffee hour!

Asleep after a short walk to the mailboxes!

Also, we finally bought and attached our breathable baby bumper to Gregory’s crib. He’s gotten very…active, when he awakes, and I’ve found him on more than one occasion with a limb stuck through one of the slats! I decided, long ago when we were doing registry stuff, that we would not be using traditional bumper pads. Sure, he might bonk his head with these, but at least he won’t get his face stuck against a pillow, potentially suffocating him!

The breathable bumper pads-- not as ugly as I'd feared!

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