No Fear, No Boundaries




This Halloween, my normally shy and hesitant 3 year old had the heart of a lion as he strolled up, door after door, looking strangers right in the eye and taking their candy. A few times, when they didn’t immediately answer the door, he walked right in their house! I was shocked.

Then, I wondered, does the costume have something to do with it? Tigger is so gregarious, and I’ve talked many times about he’s Gregory’s favorite TV character by a long shot. I wonder if his introverted personality is drawn to Tigger because in a few ways, he has something to learn from him about friendliness and lack of fear.

All of this is especially odd because Halloween is so dark, with all the scary costumes from older kids and some of the houses. Gregory and his little buddies were continually jumping at the sights and sounds of some of it. Normally, these would’ve been enough to send Gregory packing. He’s the kid who saw all the other people at story time and backed away, saying, “Momma, let’s go to a different library!” But not Halloween. Maybe it was the candy? As I like to say, “Everyone has their price”.

There are so many days where I wish I could put on a costume and act like a completely different person. My costume would be one of a highly successful mom who got everything done right the first time, kept the house spic and span AND managed to write a best-selling book in her spare time. Where’s the costume? What would it look like?

Until then, I have my Uggs and Jeans costume. Long live comfy clothes!

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