My Wisdom Teeth

I figure that while I have internet access at the Unruhs, I may as well catch up. Yesterday I had my two left wisdom teeth taken out by one Dr. Bill Dischinger, Portland Orthodontist. My bottom left wisdom tooth has been bothering me for months now, ever since it cracked due to a cavity that the dentist refused to fill. Actually, “bothering me” would be a huge understatement- “mind-numbing pain” would be a more accurate description. The pain was so unbearable that I even started to look for emergency dentist near me at night when I could not fall asleep.

Anyways, once I found out that my insurance was not going to cover it, I called around getting ballpark figures for what it might cost me. One lady actually said, “$2300”. I responded, “That’s like…a CAR!!” She then proceeded to tell me that it would cost less if I didn’t have anesthesia.

Even though the dentists from West Cobb Dentistry that I’ve had have always told me that I technically didn’t NEED to ever get my wisdom teeth out since they all came in straight, I knew that I probably would someday. And I always pictured being completely knocked out for this event. However, faced with the prospect of this surgery costing $600 less if I opted instead for novocaine and laughing gas, I took it. I was assured that the laughing gas would make me so loopy that I wouldn’t know what was going on. But quality dental care was of prime importance for me.

Well, as it turns out, laughing gas doesn’t work on me. Apparently, it has something to do with the fact that I have small sinus cavities and allergies (which causes continual swelling in the already small sinus cavities).

So I got to find out first hand why the surgery only takes 1/2 hr. Basically, they wait until you’re numb, then grab a pair of pliers, and then start yanking. Hard. What I was told was just going to feel like “slight pressure” was more like, “Hmm, the doctor has a stance that closely resembles a weight lifter.” I was priveleged to actually hear my teeth cracking and the roots snapping. I also felt like I was choking on my own blood the whole time. The only time I felt actual pain, however, was when they started on the bottom tooth. In response to the sudden pain, I actually kicked my knee up, sending the dentist’s tool tray flying. That tooth, apparently, was more embedded than the other and needed some stitches when they were done.

But God has blessed me immensely, because by the end of Day 1 (yesterday) I was no longer on pain-killers of any kind. I brushed my teeth for the first time today and managed to eat scrambled eggs and mac and cheese. At this point, I am not even visibly swollen. The only thing I have to remind me of my surgery is a stiff neck and the occasional taste of blood in my mouth.

Thank you to everyone who was praying for me!! I know that has to be what made the difference:)

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  • nyx

    oh i am so, so, so sorry. so, so sorry. 🙁

    that is pretty much what i went through cause of the costs too…since i am allergic to narcotics and couldnt afford the stuff I am not allergic to they ended up giving me an amnesiac to forget (I am sorry you remember it all) instead of novicane or anything else. they strapped down all my arms, legs, and head so i could not move at all (probably so i wouldnt kick like you did. 😉 ) and then started slicing. Since they were all compacted they couldnt use the pliers to get them out. =( for me at least the trauma was mostly being unable to move and having people with sharp objects around my face…shudder. then the nurse had the nerve to tell me to stop crying and shaking when it was over, my mouth full of blood, and i couldnt take anything to stop the pain! recovery took two weeks of pain and multiple allergic reactions to different pain killers they kept trying to give me….

    man…i am so sorry you had to go through that….at least you have recovered quickly though. that is VERY encouraging. *shudder* getting wisdom teeth out is the worst thing in the entire world…..I feel so bad for you… more ice cream! 😉