Must-Have Deal for Moms

I just HAVE to shout this deal from the rooftops. I’m sure many of you know about it or use it, but I dragged my feet for months and didn’t take advantage of it!

A few months ago, about the time we moved to CA, I bought an Amazon Prime Membership for $79. We don’t have many of the stores I’m used to around here, and this membership gives Free 2-Day Shipping. For example, I ordered G’s Christmas Presents on Wednesday the 21st, and they arrived Friday the 23rd. It was awesome! No shopping needed, and I got all the wood toys/puzzles and books that I wanted, instead of having to settle for plastic.

What I didn’t realize was that on baby-related purchases, one can sign up for the “Mommy Membership”, which automatically gives you free shipping and 15% off! And it’s free!

Why did I finally decide to sign up? What finally pushed me to the edge?

My mom has politely asked that for the remaining 4-5 months that we live with them, we use disposable diapers. There are a couple of factors to consider.

Firstly, instead of just 3 people sharing a washer and dryer, like we did in Dallas, there are now 6 people to consider (sometimes 7-8, depending on who’s home!). This means a lot of laundry. The diapers commandeer the washer/dryer for many cycles, and, when you add in 4-5 showers a day, it’s hard to find the time run them.

Secondly, instead of just 2 people changing G’s diapers, there are 4-5. Not all of them are used to cloth diapers. They forget to fold the velcro tabs or they accidentally throw an occasional disposable in with the cloth, making for a DISASTER. Plus, my mom doesn’t like them a whole lot. And, since she changes a lot of diapers lately…well, let’s just say, I want to keep her happy! 😉

Thirdly, since we change G’s diaper all over the house (especially whilst Joe is home from school, since he takes over G’s usual room), we have been misplacing snappies, covers, etc. We also have to keep the diaper pail in the laundry room, causing stink issues. Bad smells and scented candles are two of my mom’s biggest pet peeves.

So, I completely understand that my mom would rather us wait to use our cloth diapers until we have our own place. Not only is it reasonable, but she also offered to pay for them!

But one dilemma remained– I hate most disposable diapers. Huggies, Pampers, you name it. I can’t even count the number of times G’s woken up COVERED HEAD TO TOE in those nasty chemical gel beads. I’m just thanking God he hasn’t tried to eat any of them yet! They also cause horrible diaper rash (picture scabs) on road trips.

In desperation, I shelled out $13 for a small pack of Seventh Generation diapers at our local health foods store.


They hold G’s overnight pee even better than the Overnight Pampers (he’s rarely even damp in the mornings, whereas before the entire bed was soaked, including his sheets and blankets!). No chemicals. No diaper rash. Biodegradable.

The only downside? The price. $2-3 more per pack.

Unless……you buy them through Amazon!

Now, we have a subscription through Mommy Amazon, meaning they will automatically ship (for FREE!) a pack of  diapers to our doorstep every month, saving us an extra 5%! That’s a total savings of 20%! Plus, there’s no sales tax!

So, instead of paying $15/pack (with tax), my mom is paying $7.50/pack, with free shipping to our door. That makes for around $40/month for disposable diapers. No trips to the store. Not as affordable as cloth, but pretty good!

So, if your kid uses disposables, I not only HIGHLY recommend Seventh Generation diapers, but also the Amazon Mommy Subscription! It’s free, so why not?

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  • nyx

    yeah, amazon mom is awesome. unfortunately, its only free for a year and mine is about to expire in a couple months….but the free two day shipping is just spectacular. glad its working for you! =)