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When I decided to write a piece for Modani about incorporating some of their pieces with my sense of style, I said, “HECK YEAH!”. Typically, I’ve been more traditional and shabby chic in my decorating, but just in the past couple of years, I’ve started mixing in quite a few modern pieces in order to give things balance. I don’t want my house to “scream” one particular style, I want it to reflect me.

White and shiny modern things have a way of making things look extra specially clean, and what mom doesn’t want that? Many people get the impression that modern decor style is cold and sterile, but when balanced with warm colors of all different textures, they feel just right.

My favorite thing to keep “modern” at this stage in my life is the seating in a room. I like sleek arm rests and back rests because they take up less space with all the same amount of comfort and seating. I designed the mood board below using Modani’s modern sleek sofa as the focal point (because, if you’re going to splurge on something, it should be where you spend 90% of your time while in that room, am I right?). I have loved owning leather couches for the past couple of years because they are much easier to clean than twill or suede (and slipcovers are so hard to make tight!). And many of these couches from Modani are not much more than an Ikea couch!

I also mixed in design elements that you wouldn’t “expect” in a room with such a modern sofa, just to show that modern elements can improve any room, even if “modern” isn’t your particular style or taste. In fact, when you look at the mood board below, you will notice that around HALF of the items are from Modani Furniture, but the feel of the room is quite traditional and cozy!


Modani Mood Board complete

My tips for warming up a “modern” room: Pick pieces with wood accents, because they will go a long way towards making things feel cozy and natural.  Stick with neutral larger pieces (too expensive to change out) and then change out accessories for the seasons or to add color and warmth. Don’t be afraid of a bright color accent or two, as long as it doesn’t dominate the room.  Florals in the fabric or as an accent can really strike the balance between traditional and cozy.

Feel free to check out any of the Modani furniture I featured! Some of these exact links may not always work, but you can always try finding them by name on their website.

Bristol 3 Seater on sale for $990– I am in LOVE with this sofa. Once we sell our CA house, I am seriously turning towards Modani for a comfortable sofa that we can keep in the family for years.

Somero Buffet on sale for $990– I am not the only one who prefers to use buffets as a tv stand. They anchor the room better, keep the tv out of the kiddos’ reach (messy fingerprints, anyone?), and provide MUCH more storage for all those potty training dvds 🙂 They can also be used as a toy storage station in the living room so that your gathering place doesn’t constantly look like Kid Central.

Gray Fluffy Carpet for $340– Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to a carpet! If you get a cheap shag rug, it will shed so much that you’ll be paying someone to take it off your hands in a few months.

Boden Floor Lamp for $190– I LOVE LOVE the wood legs!

Suitcases for $290– Doubles as a coffee or side table, perfect to hide away extra blankets or kids toys!

Oslo Side Table for $190– Such a pop of color!

Deer Face for $90– This piece is the epitome of a cross between traditional and modern.

Surat Pillow for $45– I love the design and that it compliments the floral curtains.

Cavaraggio Oversized Mirror for $590– This is so expensive, but so much more lovely when you see it on the website or in person. It’s GIANT, and actually says it’s too big to ever be hung on a wall. With kids, something this big could become a hazard, but then again, one can always anchor it somehow!

Additional Items:

Aqua Throw from World Market— soft, traditional print

Alseda Wicker Stool from Ikea— gives the room much needed texture

Mother of Pearl Palm Leaf Pillow from Pier 1— compliments the Surat Pillow

Pinched Glass Vases from Anthropologie— use with live florals in an accent color that fits the season

Curved Branch Curtain Rod from Anthropologie— I’ve had my eye on this curtain rod for a while!!

Kalei Curtains from Anthropologie— love that these give the room a more soft look


Modani has locations all around the US, with a new one opening any day in Dallas! They also have online virtual tours if you can’t make it to the store in person, and most things are shippable as well.


I had so much fun designing this room! Now I’ll have to fight the urge to incorporate each and every one of these pieces in to my own space!


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