Kitchen Re-Do

I know, I know. I HATE it when people don’t update their blogs! SheesH!

I promise with a capitol P that I will post more often, now that my vacation in California has almost drawn to a close.

These last few days, my mom, sister and I have been re-doing my mom’s giant kitchen. We started on Sunday by tearing down the most COUNTRY wallpaper you have ever seen. This took a lifetime, and then some. I proved to myself once and for all why Removable Wallpaper is the only way to go. Not only do you have to soak each layer individually, but then you have to wipe down the walls over and over to get off the sticky glue! Not fun. This alone probably took 8-10 hours in all.

I took this when most of the wallpaper was already off

This was taken after most of the wallpaper was already off

Today, we went and bought a few colors of paint that match some curtains my mom bought. Janelle and I did most of this by ourselves this evening– we were so tired afterwards, that we made mac and cheese and plopped down to watch Julie and Julia.

You can't see, but we took off the wainscoting and baseboards in order to paint them. Hence, the white unfinished space.

Whew! Finished pictures, hopefully tomorrow!

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  • seattlitelarsens

    Aww … I remember that wall paper. So many good times in the Honeycutt kitchen! Your parents were great at making all of us feel like it was our second home.