Before I continue with what happened in the job saga, requests have been made about some of the more day to day details of our new life. It doesn’t occur to me to talk about them, because they don’t seem as dramaticly narrative:)

As far as friends go, we have met a few that seem pretty awesome. When we went to our new church last weekend, St. Seraphim OCA Cathedral in Dallas, we met this lady named Katy. We saw her the week before at Saturday Vespers when we were with Mike and Courtney, but we didn’t get a chance to talk to her. The next Sunday (a week ago), she came up and introduced herself. It went something like this, but much more bubbly: “Hi, I’m Kaaattty!!! Are you guys Russian? I didn’t talk to you last week because I figured you didn’t know any English!” Apparently, I now look Russian. Maybe you’re right Mom, I am too pale!!!

Anyways, she introduced us to her daughter, Christiana, who is a 15 yr. old high school student who is very beautiful, but a pure Plato nerd through and through. She also knows Latin like it’s her native language. This was very illustrated when we walked out of church and one of the deacons walked up to her and said, “Christiana…..I have a present for you!” and handed her the Vulgate. She stopped, grinned sheepishly, and took it saying to us, “What. This is who I am. Now you know. Don’t judge me!” She explained that she likes to do her morning and evening bible reading in another language so that she can be solidifying two things at once!

Katy also introduced us to her young adult friends and godchildren Benjamin, John, Curtis, and James. After bringing us upstairs to see her bible memory game that she had put together for all of the Sunday school children, she invited us out to lunch at Madeleine’s, this great cafe restaurant chain that they have here. Sure enough, all eight of us went and ordered lunch (every single worker in the entire restaurant knew Katy by name and kept giving her free stuff). And you know what? Five hours went by and we were all STILL THERE! It was crazy, we kept talking about stuff forever, from church to movies to books that we had read. It was awesome, it felt almost as good as home. At one point, Katy leaned over to me and said, “Do you have a cell phone? Can I have your number? You are so new here, you must be lonely!” I nodded yes, and she went, “Ohhh!!! I’ll be your friend!!” It was very cute.

As far as other friends, I still haven’t been able to get in contact with Jeanne Luthi, my old friend from junior high who goes to the University of Dallas. But I will soon.

Other stuff….Jesse likes his classes a lot, although Greek is “kicking his butt” (he says this, but he was in the measly 12% of the class who passed their quiz last week!). The teacher is a former student of Al Geier’s, and is HARDCORE. Jesse says it takes him at least 1/2 hr. after class before his butt cheeks start un-clenching. Uh oh, he probably didn’t want me to say that. Anyways, apparently it’s harder than normal Greek because they are learning all of the accents and it’s Attic Greek. It’s seriously taking him a minimum of 2 hrs./day studying (even weekends- like right this minute!) But they said by next year he should be able to read the Plato’s Dialogues. He is also taking Ethics, and Philosophy of Being, and looking for a job.

Mirabelle is back to her old self again, only a lot more cuddly and lovable. Her favorite new toy, and I kid you not, is a water bottle (something about the fact that she can bite it and it bounces back again…). She also has learned to play fetch with her new feather toy. There was one time that we almost lost her, I opened the door and there was this family of midget cats right outside. They are the weirdest looking creatures ever, a phenomena in and of themselves in that they have no joint in their legs, just 4 inch stumps. They also have phylasoraptor meows. Anyways, Mirabelle heard them and went to kill them like the courageous lion that she is. Only, I picked her up and threw her back in the house.

That’s it for now!

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  • chelsea

    cool. good to hear that there are some people at church who are nice and that you have a church. what about living? renting? owning? hotel? pics? justin enjoyed getting to talk with Jesse last night. we all miss you lots. on a more practical note, when did you want everyone to get together again? we just need to start planning our trips for the next year and buying tickets and all. we would hate to be in chicago when you want everyone with yourself. I also would appreciate pics of the weird cats…. and perhaps mirabelle chewing on one…. 😉

  • knotquiteawake

    Great post, well written, informative.