As of late, I’ve been feeling pretty insecure about Gregory’s size. The kid is 4.5 months old, and he still can’t fit into any of his 3-6 month clothes. He’s still wearing sleepers that he wore when we were home for Christmas (although they fit better than they did then). I think part of me is afraid to go the pediatrician because I envision them telling me I need to supplement his nutrition to bulk him up!

When I stepped on the scale holding him today, however, it said that he weighs at least 15 pounds (my scale is old school and doesn’t do ounces). So I probably don’t need to worry, right? If he’s all muscle, then that could be why he weighs an okay amount but doesn’t have the size to prove it?

On another note, all of my 3-6 months clothes are for cold weather! Looks like I’ll be doing some shopping for our baby!

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  • Morielle

    You’ve mentioned here and there how long Gregory sometimes goes without needing to nurse or how long he sleeps, etc. Maybe you could encourage him to nurse more frequently? Although, if he is in fact 15 lbs then he is probably just fine :). I would definitely try to get him to nurse more before formula supplementing though! (even rice cereal is going to be WAY less nutritious than more breast milk even though that is the popular thing to start feeding 4+ monthers)

  • Norm

    Not to worry. I personally don’t believe there is anything you can do to make him bigger. It’s already in his “code”. He’s healthy and happy, and I think it’s better for him to be lean in the long run anyhow. This coming from a bulky sorta guy . . .

  • Kelly

    He does go for “long stretches” without needing to nurse. I know he doesn’t need to, because he absolutely refuses to eat. I could give you the gory details, but there is nothing I can do once this kid has made up his mind! If I manage to force it down, he spits it back up! Every time. So, I’ve learned not to force him. If he’s not hungry, I don’t make him eat.
    That being said, “long stretch” is usually only 3-4 hours– what he should be averaging between feedings anyways at this age! Since we definitely do on-demand feeding (I only keep track on a clock so that I can have a bit of warning) he’s almost always eating every 1.5-2 hours. I do try to keep the snacking to a minimum, since that means he’s only eating for 4 min. and not getting any fatty milk.
    Ugh, it’s such a guessing game! I agree though, rice cereal isn’t the answer. I’m gonna wait until we can do a bit more than that 😉

  • Christina

    Looks like you are fine, assuming this is a good resource.

  • Kelly

    You’re right Christina! Looks like he’s hovering around the 40-50th percentile for weight. I need to remember that just bc he’s isn’t bulky doesn’t mean he isn’t normal 🙂

  • Christine

    yes, kelly, not everyone has unruh-type babies. 🙂

  • Beth

    Totally normal. Don’t fret, I’m sure he’s fine. And if there were something wrong with him, you are an attentive mother and you would notice. Jackson is on the opposite end of the spectrum 95% for height, 75% for weight. And that brings it’s own set of problems, annoyances, and worries. Just remember for every comment you get about how small G is, I’m getting one for how huge Jackson is and “shouldn’t he be able to talk more by now?” No, lady, he’s not even 2 he just looks 3! 🙂

    I’ve decided that the hardest thing about being a mom is dealing with other people’s comments (on your kids, on your parenting, etc.) I guess I just need to let it go. I usually have no problem with that, but when it comes to your kids/parenting it’s just so much more personal!

  • Kelly

    I know what you mean, Beth! I feel that it’s a constant battle for me. G deserves to be loved for the special little person that God made him to be– NOT because of how he compares to other kids.

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