I love my dog….

….I really do. But today, she is driving me up a WALL!!

I woke up to find that she had gotten a hold of one of our Wendy’s wrappers from yesterday (I thought it was in the trashcan…guess not) and tore it into 700 PIECES all over the house.

Then I took her outside to pee, only to find it was raining pretty hard. What does she do? She walks over to our neighbor’s door and PEES ALL OVER HER WELCOME MAT!! I was mortified, and sat there for several minutes not knowing what to do. Eventually, I stuck the mat out in the rain for a moment, ran upstairs and got a few 7-11 Cups of water, and doused the whole sidewalk near the door. I got out my lovely Mary Engelbreit post it notes that my mom got me for Christmas and left a cheery note explaining the whole situation. HOPEFULLY, our neighbor is understanding and doesn’t let her dog pee on OUR door…goodness gracious. Dog-pee Retaliation Wars. I can see it now. But these things are something that can be resolved if you were to get the best air purifier for dog hair and dander.

And if I go downstairs in a few hours and the mat is dry, well, I might put it back and take the note off the door. If she can’t tell, what’s the good in telling her? I don’t even know her name!

Is that extremely un-neighborly of me?

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