G’s Baptism

Today, Lil G and Lil Jon were baptized. As I mentioned previously, the Unruhs are G’s godparents, so they held him. Meanwhile, we’re Jonathan’s godparents, so we held him. It was all Fr. Joe could do to keep it all straight 🙂

Here are some videos that Jason took!

Spitting to the West. Btw, Courtney and I are laughing because as a result of the hot water heater being broken, two of the deacons were carrying in a bucket of boiling water. Granted, it was sure to cool off by the time the babies entered– it was 35 degrees outside– but still…nerve wracking for a mother!


Churching– how cute is this? Gregory sort of missed it all…he slept for most of the liturgy. Apparently, the exorcism took!

Taking the Eucharist:

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Sierra Hull
  • http://cornerofnoandwhere.wordpress.com/ Christine

    bowling water…how exactly is that made/used? does it require a special blessing that guarentees strikes and spares? 😛 j/k….

    In all seriousness, I laughed a bit too when they brought in the boIling water. you went from a potential “russian” baptism in the freezing water to the uber-luxery edition. i seem to remember Christopher’s font being filled with a garden hose; these guys had a team of their own “upper” servants to fill their tub.

  • Hope

    So glad you posted these videos, Kelly. I wish we could have been there!!

    • Mama Cone

      Wish I could have been there too.