Frustration AGAIN

I tried to schedule a carpet cleaning for this Thursday, but the office never got back to me with a final confirmation over whether or not the cleaners were able to make it. I called a few times, but didn’t get a hold of anyone (To be fair, I will mention that I didn’t leave any messages. I wanted to speak to someone directly).

When I woke up this morning, I wondered, hmm, are they just going to randomly show up to clean the carpets? Because that’s impossible to pull off at a moment’s notice. I didn’t ask Jesse to move any of our furniture out of the way, seeing as the last email I got from the apt. manager was, “I’ll see what they can do”.

Yup. The carpet cleaners just showed up.

I turned them away, stating it wasn’t their fault but there was a miscommunication with the apt. office.

And then I called the apartment office and “had a word”. I explained that this was not okay, they needed to give me enough warning so that I could  1) have all the furniture moved and 2) find somewhere to BE for the entire day while the carpets dry.

She was very apologetic, and rescheduled the cleaning for next Thursday. She even mentioned that the repair man who came too early to fix the drain on Tuesday felt TERRIBLE once he discovered his error…apparently, he’d just grabbed the stack of work orders and didn’t bother to look at the dates or times. I told the office to please let him know that I am very thankful he got it repaired in a timely manner. I was only upset because it ended up making me late for work.

Ugh. Is there such a thing as being frustrated over TOO MUCH of the WRONG KIND of service?

Update: Just received an email from the office, stating that they sent me an email confirming today. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Believe me, everyone, I check my email religiously. I even get my email sent to my phone. And I never got this message. I can already tell that I am going to have a hard time letting this one go…

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