Fantastic Coupon for Christmas Cards!

Whew! Thanksgiving was fun and a LOT of work. Anyone else with me? Granted, we hosted FOUR times (Thanksgiving meal for the Cones, Friday morning brunch for all the Honeycutts, two batches of friends who came into town) and picked up our foster boys this last Saturday. So we’ve been BUSY! Our little home has seen many faces.

And now, Christmas! I am happy to report that Jesse and I bought our tree last night! In case you think I’m too excited about this, you should know that this is the first tree we’ve bought together (we had a fake one back in TX since we were never home for the holidays) and the FIRST tree we’ve ever set up in our 2.5 years of being back in CA. The first Christmas, we were living with my parents while trying to buy a house, and the second Christmas, we were packing up our temporary town home in order to finish the escrow on our house.

Christmas Tree not decorated

So we’re excited 🙂 Decorating/hot cocoa/music begins tonight! And with 4 boys, I have quite the advent calendar to finish up this week. Better late than never!

Today, I have for you guys a fantastic coupon deal! Normally, when it comes time to make Christmas cards, I just go online to Walgreens, upload some pics, and pick them up a few hours later.

This year, I really wanted something a bit nicer and more professional. Lo and behold, when I was approached by Pikcal to write a review about their cards, I was stoked. I finished the design process in under 15 minutes! It was super fast, easy, and provided more options for customization than the Walgreens ones. I even got to pick my own fonts for my message on the side!


And….shipping is always free!

While I cannot yet comment on the quality of the Christmas cards, as they haven’t arrived in the mail, I absolutely love the design that I picked. Everything was straight forward and easy. If you link up your Facebook account, you don’t even need to upload any pictures– just pull them straight off your Facebook albums.

Use code “blogcard20” and get 20% off until December 31st!

Note: While I was paid for this review, all opinions are definitely my own. I would never compromise my integrity just to make a few bucks. 😉

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