Documentary on St. Peter’s Classical School

I just had to post this video of my old school, St. Peter’s Classical. This 9 min. documentary was taken by a lady from the Antiochan cathedral in Wichita, where Bishop Basil resides. Bishop Basil is not only a good friend of my Uncle Joel’s (Fr. Peter Smith), but he even recognized Jesse when he came to visit St. Seraphim a few weeks ago– not because he and Jesse had met, but because Jesse looks so much like his uncle! He’s one of the sweetest men you’ll ever meet.

This video also features a couple of my close friends– Jeanie Pothoff, a wonderful lady at our church who is always available to give me advice and help me out. The day she found out I was pregnant (I told her long before we even told our church or my boss), she asked what I was craving and bought me a huge container of Chipotle guacamole 🙂 She even gave me a “Congrats, you’re done with the 1st Trimester!” present a few weeks ago. If you’ve ever seen Topher Unruh’s crib, it came as a hand-me-down gift from Jeanie.

And then, there’s her daughter, little Mary Pothoff, who’s also featured. If you’ve ever heard me talk about my piano students, I guarantee she’s come up. Teachers are not supposed to play favorites, but we always do. She is 8 going on 45. They didn’t even need to prompt her for these questions they ask her, because that’s how she talks. All the time. She has such a heart for the Lord and rarely ever gets in trouble (usually when she does, it’s because she’s trying to gain the approval of the other girls in her class and doesn’t realize it’s wrong). A few weeks ago, the autistic boy in her class was having a hard day. She came and asked me, “What should I do for him?” The other teacher and I responded, “How about you pray for him to have a better day and feel happy?” She nodded, obviously relieved that there was something she could do. And she did– I saw her with her eyes closed, mouth moving, for a good part of the lunch period.

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