Diaper Steal!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my “Steals” on here, so I thought I’d indulge.

In my cloth diapers post, I mentioned that I’d acquired two Fuzzibunz Perfect Size (not the one-size) diapers for nighttime use. They are quicker to put on, which means that at 4am I’m in a much better mood.

Granted, they usually cost 3x what we use during the day (the Bummis prefolds), but for just a few, I figured it was worth the shot. I like the Perfect Size vs. the One-size because they fit so perfectly and I’ve been able to use them from day one (I’ve been told you have to wait to use the One-Size since they don’t fit newborns well).

The Steal? I saw a lady on Craigslist, selling 12 Perfect Size Smalls, 3 Perfect Size Mediums. The Smalls were used for one baby (meaning 4-5 months), and the Mediums were only used a handful of times.

These diapers retail for $13-15/diaper.

I got all 15 for $20. The package deal also came with about 30 inserts.

Yup. She said she couldn’t stand people who tried to sell their used diapers for close to what they paid for them.

I did pay an extra $10 for her to ship them because I have a newborn and she lives in McKinney, which is 1 hr. from the Oklahoma border. Also, a few of them will need new elastic, but I found a how-to tutorial for that online and already have the thin elastic which I purchased at Walmart for 80 cents.

Since there were 4 diapers in girly colors, I listed them on Ebay. Today, all 4 diapers sold for a total of $24.

So, including what I paid to have them shipped, I got 11 Fuzzibunz diapers for $6. Yes, that comes out to 75 cents/diaper. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with all 30 inserts!

Quite a steal, no?

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