Deals Galore!

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means– garage sales! My mom and I left G with Jesse, went out and got our fresh donuts and coffee, and headed out.

Just a tip: we’ve found that all the best garage sales are in Paso, near Golden Hill or Meadowlark Farms. We don’t bother with many other regions 🙂

Wanna see what we found? Get ready, it was a good day!

My favorite find of the day:

The infant insert for my Ergo carrier! Only $5, barely used. And it's fully washable. I would've paid upwards of $25 new for this!

The lady also threw in a boys 12-18 month white turtleneck for free. Sounds like a trivial find, but I actually was looking for one for G’s Halloween costume….stay tuned for that! Janelle and I are making it!

Also, my mom got some used/in good condition Uggs in her size for $10!

But on to a few more little finds for me.

Some people might find this useless. Just last night, however, I decided that G’s birthday party theme is going to be vintage farm/Old MacDonald (not original, but the cake I want to make has little piggies, sheep and a barn, so…..). This will be PERFECT for the centerpiece I was going to try and make! I think I paid 50 cents for it 🙂

Cute top and scarf, only 50 cents!

New/barely worn Bass Mary Jane's. One shoe looks a bit crushed, but that's just because I had a bag on top of it in the car. Only $1!!

Cute striped bermuda shorts. These were actually free, since we were already buying a bag of other stuff. They are size 3, so they probably won't fit for much longer, now that I'm turning into a whale

Here they all are, in action!

Hello there, baby snow cone. Did you enjoy the donut your momma gave you?

Keith took these, so we are having a funny interchange. You'll have to trust me, it would be hard to write out.

wielding a scarf = harder than it looks! They should offer classes on these things. I once got a tutorial from an Anthropologie sales lady, but that doesn't count.

Hmmm….notice the funky card table-add-on to my parents’ dining room table? We had the Cone parents and Em over for dinner last night. All 4 grandparents in one room– we are so spoiled!

Anyways….garage sale-ing… you should all try it!

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