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I always love it when other people do posts about what their day to day life looks like. You might have wondered how I manage to keep four kids alive, blog daily AND work 20 hours a week, so here it goes— a sneak peak into our crazy. Feel free to marvel about how late I wake up. You can even make fun of me. I DON’T CARE, HAHA!

8-9am Slowly wake up with my 3 and 1.5 year old. The older two boys and Jesse are already at school for the day (I am so lucky to have a hubby who gets up for work, gets the two older boys dressed, and gets them all out door on time every morning!). And, yes, I’m also lucky that my babies are late risers like me 🙂

9am Cuddle with the babies in bed. Sing some songs, tickle some baby chub 🙂

9:30am Stumble around until my coffee is made. AHHHHHH. What, did you expect productive things from me this early in the morning? I don’t save the world until 10am, thank you. GROWL.

10am Nope. No saving the world. Just feeding the babies some oatmeal for breakfast. We usually mix in coconut sugar and blueberries! YUMMM. And I buy the gluten-free TJ’s oatmeal, because it isn’t cross contaminated.

10:30am Take care of any blogging business items while the boys are eating and/or playing with trains. If we are going to story time at the library or to a playdate, this is usually when we are getting out of the house.

11am-12pm Play with the boys, either outside or building blocks in the living room.

12pm AJ goes down for a nap. I clean up the house, while Gregory keeps playing (he’s a fantastic independent player! Sometimes, when I try to play with him, he tells me to go away!)

12:30pm Phone calls, logistics, answer emails, etc.

1pm Workout using a Blogilates or yoga video while Gregory laughs at me (just like his father. sigh.)

1:30pm Make lunch for Gregory and I.

2pm Shower, blowdry hair, put on makeup

2:30pm Get Gregory ready for his nap. AJ wakes up and I switch them, laying Gregory down (they can’t nap together for some reason! Must be all the giggling and shouting they do together…).

3pm Give my babysitter (my mom or mother in law) the run-down on the boys’ schedules, food, etc. Rush to work (my commute is approx. 6 minutes, depending on the lights).

3:15-4:45pm Latin class!

4:45-5pm Hurry, grab a latte at Starbucks! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE DRIVE THRU?? Step aside!

5-5:30pm Teach a piano lesson around the corner

5:30pm Run any needed errands, last minute dinner items, etc. Come home where Jesse and all 4 boys are waiting (I pay somebody to pick up our two older kids and take them to their after school activities. This way I can still teach piano lessons and Jesse can stay at work and get his grading done).

6pm Help Jesse finish making dinner (yes, we both share this task in our house, no shame!). Keep the boys from running into things since they’re usually wired and crazy at this time of night! Now that it’s lighter outside, I send them outside to water plants or count leaves or jump off things and break their arms (wait, is this just my kids?).

6:30pm Sit down to dinner, get the boys cleaned up, give everyone one treat for dessert (I buy the chocolate covered powerberries at TJs! Kinda healthy, right?).

7pm AJ goes to bed.

7-8pm Help our 10 year old with any extra homework.

8:15pm Help the two older boys call their Dad and say goodnight. Give everyone their vitamins and essential oils.

8:30pm Both older boys go to bed, lights out. Gregory gets some much needed individual attention from both Jesse and I. Usually, we read him a story or cuddle for a bit. He’s been really struggling, feeling attention deprived.

8:45pm Gregory goes to bed.

9-10pm Jesse finishes any grading while I write a new blog post for the next day. Sometimes, if I’m really far ahead with my posts, I edit pictures for the next week.

10-11pm Jesse and I watch an episode of whatever show we’re currently obsessed with. Sometimes we end up watching until midnight (shh!).

11pm Jesse packs his lunch while I shut down my computer, and we go to bed


So…there you have it! Not too crazy or hectic, right?


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  • Aanie

    Ohh i always love these posts too! Thank you for sharing!!! 🙂 I have been meant to write one myself, it’s always lovely getting a little insight into how other mama’s spend their days!

    • themrscone

      I’ll be looking for it! I always am so intrigued to see what other people do.

  • Echo

    What a day! I enjoy glimpses into how other people handle the daily grind!

    • themrscone

      Me too! 🙂

  • Ginny

    I love this! You are so productive – and have an awesome family! I love that you are a Latin teacher too :).