I know that I may sound like a baby, but I am cold. Cold cold cold. You know it’s cold when you go to church wearing 3 layers under a wool peacoat and you’re still shivering after 1/2 an hour of being in a heated building. I also knew it was cold when I overheard two ladies say, “Yeah. If we’re lucky, it may warm up into the 40s by the end of the week!” Huh.

Oh yes. The wind chill factor put it into the 20’s, not to mention the freezing rain.

What’s going on? This is supposed to be Texas, the land of cactus, tumbleweeds and sand!

Luckily we have plenty of stores just a block away from our apt., so after church I went on a search for anything that might help. Never in my life have I needed an entire wardrobe for chilly weather- maybe a few sweaters here and there for when we went on our annual ski trip with the Trinidades and the Blacks. But never everyday-wear. Thank God that I found another wool jacket, some sweaters and some furry boots.

Yes, I now own furry boots. But now my toes won’t freeze!

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  • Christine

    Welcome to North Texas! The Texas of which you were thinking is West Texas. And now you know why I like South Texas (or at least South-er than Dallas).
    We’re in the high 50’s right now with a high for the day at 63; low tonight is 40. While we have some winds (10 mph, gusting to 18) the forcast today is “Abundant sunshine. Turning warmer.” (quote from

  • themrscone

    Rub it in! Rub it in!! We have sunshine here too! It’s just….cold sunshine:(

  • Courtney

    at least you have sunshine. 🙂 I saw the sun today and actually put the sun visor up so that it could hit me full in the face because it’s been so gloomy here. the sun now sets anytime between 3:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon. so strange!
    (but your temps are only a little higher than ours. do you want some of your jackets back?)