Cold Front

Well, it’s finally happened- I think winter is here to stay in Dallas! For the last month or two, the weather has done a little bit of fluctuating, but not as much as they say it normally does (the locals have an expression here to describe the random changes- “Don’t like the weather? Just wait a second.”). For the last month, it has felt like spring with the temperature moving between daytime highs in the 70-85 degrees F and the nightime ones 60-70 degrees F.

But today…they warned us that a cold front was moving in. And boy was it! I actually pulled out my one remaining pea coat today (I had to give Courtney all of my other ones…:( They say that in the next few days it should be between 15-20 degrees during the night, which means lots of dangerous ICE.

So, here’s to winter!


High: 80°F Low: 65°F


Fair and Windy

Feels Like

Updated: Nov 21 06:45 p.m. CT

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