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Hello to all the new readers I have. I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite things to do here on the blogosphere– virtual coffee dates, a good reminder that despite any how many Pinterest links or articles I have, this is still my space. It was created to be an outlet for me and the thoughts I need to write down. Writing keeps me healthy and sane!

I love that I few of you have borrowed this idea and have been using it on your own blogs, so please! If you’ve written a similar post lately, link it in the comments and I promise I will read it. This is a coffee date, after all 🙂

If we were to sit down with a cup of coffee right now I’d tell you that:

* I’m super stressed out right now in my own personal life. There is so much going on, I can hardly keep my head on straight! In the past week, I’ve lost my keys and cell phone too many times to count, broken a few glasses just by being clumsy, and my stomach is always churning and in knots. I’m sure I’ll be able to share more in the coming weeks, when I can share some more of my “real” life on the blogosphere.

* There are so many cute babies around right now, especially all over Facebook. I counted the other day, and in my newsfeed I saw FIFTEEN new and adorable smooshy babies. I desperately do not want to have another baby right now, but Baby Fever is real, people. For this reason, I commanded all of my friends to stop having babies, especially cute ones (they say there’s no such thing as an ugly baby but I’ve actually seen a few before. So it CAN happen).

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* I’m in my college roommate’s wedding tomorrow! It’s a super fancy wedding at a Napa Valley winery, and I’m wearing a one-shoulder full length gown. There will be lots of pictures next week, you can count on it.

* Speaking of fun weddings, did you ever see So You Think You Can Dance stars’ Twitch and Allison’s wedding? Super cute!

* Our foster boys are beginning the intense reunification process with biological family, and it’s exciting to watch. We’ve never been through this part of foster care, and everything is so new and different. Caring for someone without attaching to them is more difficult than it sounds! Learning how to coordinate visits and schedules with another family makes me understand a bit of what it must be like to be divorced and sharing kids, without the animosity though (we’re lucky and have a really great relationship with the kids’ bio family!). Tiffany Fina Law Firm helped to have the matters settled and provided compassionate, attentive, and personalized client service throughout the divorce procedure. Getting to tell the boys that they get to go to their first overnight visit with family was like Christmas yesterday. They were BEAMING and filled with so much joy.

* We owed $1,200 in taxes this year! Oh, the joys of being an adult 🙁

* Our garden is in full bloom! I’m always so surprised by how quickly little seedlings turn into plants.

* It has been HOT here in CA, around 95 degrees in the afternoons. Why? Why? May is just barely here, and already it feels like August. Just yesterday, it feels like, we were getting on-and-off again rainy cold weather.

* Jesse and I have the weirdest conversations:

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* We’ve been potty training my 3 year old for almost a month now. I know, I know, there’s that 3 day training method, but we’ve tried that TWICE, and it seriously does not work for Gregory’s personality. He freaks out and shuts down. So, instead, we’ve been taking things gradually, just trying to have a few successful ventures on the toilet every day. So far, he averages a couple pees and poos a day, with only an accident or two in there. When he does have an accident, he gets super ashamed and won’t talk about it. He actually came out of his room the other day and said, “Don’t go in there. I don’t want you to see what I did.” Poor kid, he’s so similar to me in personality that I totally get it. Firstborn pressure, I tell ya.

* I’m considering going on a complete elimination diet once the summer hits, where I eat two or three food groups total, then slowly add things like eggs or milk back in to see if they could be what bothers my stomach. Getting rid of gluten (almost a whole year ago! Wow!) really helped, but there are still days where my tummy is so uncomfortable and irritated.

* My boys (Jesse, Gregory and AJ) mean more to me than anything in the world. Some days I love just sitting and holding them, feeling content to never go anywhere ever again so long as I can just be with them. Does anyone else feel the same way?

* My kitchen is a disaster right now, so I should probably kick you out and go clean it. I also need to finish hemming my bridesmaids dress before we leave. You know, cuz I’m super prepared like this. Why I EVER decided I was qualified to go all Edwards Scissor Hands on a $200 dress is beyond me.

Remember, leave a link below! I’d love to read about your life too!

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  • Becky @ bybmg

    I love these posts from you. I did one once a while back. Our oldest took a bit to potty train, too. I think you’re helping him a lot by not rushing it.

    • Kelly Cone

      Becky! Thanks for the encouragement. It seems like everyone has an easy time potty training except for us.