This is a gorgeous picture from Pascha that I stole off of a friend’s Facebook. I would just like to point out that this is where we go to church 🙂 My favorite parts are all the bible stories written on the walls- you could show a kid all of salvation history just by showing up!



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  • testostercone

    You can see the back of my head (my best side) just a little left of center – towards the bottom. I’m the one in the gold vestments holding the red cloth as little Sebastian Morrison communes.

  • knotquiteawake

    oh hey yeah! that IS you, i’d recognize that back of a head anywhere! The inside of your Church is SO amazing! By the way, in the Baptism/Chrismation pictures from Saint Barnabas did you guys noticed that we have full size icons along the back wall? Its cool, we even have Saint Elijah (but he’s right behind the choir so I can get over to him most of the time).

  • knotquiteawake

    can’t get over to him I mean