I’m pretty sure I laughed when Courtney told me she paid for a chores list.

In my mind, it went like this:


paying actual MONEY for a guilt inducing list=BAMBOO SHOOTS IN NAILS painful

But ever since I’ve been home in the mornings, I’ve been wanting some sort of organization to this crazy thing we’ll call “Kelly’s Wild Attempts at Housekeeping”.

After the last 3 weeks of trying to make my own lists and failing miserably at remembering what should be on there  (I’m usually reminded that Claire needs water when she starts licking the shower walls after I’m done…doesn’t bode well for Mr. Gregory…) I decided to take the plunge and pay $4 for a years worth of chores, ready to be printed out at the beginning of every week. Tomorrow will begin the first day of this system, so perhaps I will post updates as to how I’m doing. Or, perhaps I will just crash and burn in secret, especially since I am about ready to take on a newborn. 7 weeks isn’t a lot of time to establish a habit, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a sample page of this chore list, in case you’re interested.

UPDATE: Just found a ROTTEN BANANA in my purse. And to think, just last night I was scoffing at the category on the list that said, “Clean Out Purse” every Thursday. I think the jury is no longer out on this one, folks. Kelly needs a chore list.

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  • Brooke

    I read this chore list and I think it assumes you have hours upon end at home. I could never get all that done in one day plus work 8 hours, commute 1 hour and go to things like events for Rachel, dinner with friends and small group. Love the idea but who has the time!

  • Kelly

    I feel/felt the same way, Brooke, but to have too much on the list is better for me at this point than to always be forgetting. Plus, if you don’t get something done, it comes around again in another week. So, I figure that even if I don’t have hours upon hours at home, eventually our towels and sheets will get changed. I think it will help me remember that those things exist and NEED doing eventually. I’m planning on crossing off a lot of unnecessary items for right now, and seeing if I have time to add them later.