Cheap Landscaping

I haven’t been feeling well the past week, so I’ve failed to post a few updates!

Since I last posted pictures of the outside of our house, I’ve added a few things to help.

Yard 7

What it looked like a few weeks ago

Yard 6

Just a few daffodils  and lavender bushes planted

Yard 2

Big bushes are expensive, so I was advised to get small ones and then let them grow for a few years to fill out the space


After a few trips here and there to Home Depot, along with a couple mornings in the sun with Gregory when we felt cooped up, it looks a lot better!

Side Yard 2

What it looks like now! (excuse the afternoon shadow– I was unwilling to wait for the same time of day). There are 2 sunflowers and 6 deer resistant bushes (waxy leaves– they’d have to be super hungry to eat these!

Side Yard 1

Side Yard 3

Gregory pretends that this is a lawnmower.

Side Yard 4

Side Yard 5

Still needs a little more bark near the lavender, but I ran out!

The little shrub bushes were $4-5/each, the bark was $8 total, and the rocks were all free from our backyard! Gregory and I made a game out of it, piling rocks into a flower pot, then carting them over to this side of the house.
The entire thing cost under $50! It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it really makes this side of the house look cared for. Since it’s the first thing we see every day when we drive up, it’s rather important!
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