What I Wore Wednesday– Spring Has Sprung!

What I Wore summer shorts side view

After a week of POURING rain, spring has sprung here in California. The last three days have been a sunny 85 degrees, and it’s finally time to break out the Levi shorts I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

What I Wore shorts and American Eagle shirt

Button up shirt: American Eagle/ Shorts: Levi’s/ Belt: New York and Company/ Shoes: Vintage

I must confess, I went into my 10 year old’s karate dojo today to pay April’s tuition, and one of the teachers looked at me and said, “You shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts! Come back when you’re tan!” He then proceeded to tell me about his trip to Cabo and how tan he got.

Um, rude much?

I let him finish, then I said, “Well, I’ve already had two brushes with skin cancer. So, thanks, but there are more important things in my life than sun-tanning.”

Boy did that shut him up. Some people, right?

What I Wore shorts closeup front


What I Wore shorts front closeup


What I Wore Brown summer Sandals


Here’s to Cabo-less spring!

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What I Wore Wednesday– Chambray and Leggings

Chambray and Leggings 8

When I said last week that I needed to form a support group for all the chambray shirts I have, I really wasn’t kidding. In fact, Target had this really cute one the other day, and I found myself wanting to buy it before I remembered how many I already have! What is wrong with me?

Spring has definitely hit our part of California, full force. It’s not time for shorts yet, but it’s definitely time for tunics and leggings! Now, if it would only stop raining long enough for me to get to the beach for some sun!

Chambray and Tunic 1

Chambray and Leggings 6

Chambray and Leggings 4

Chambray and Leggings 7

 Top: Old Navy/ Tunic: Victoria Secret/ Leggings: Target (kid’s section)/ Shoes: Converse/ Necklace: JC Penney

Chambray and Leggings 5


Three of the Best Wineries in California…plus some Bachelorette Party Nonsense

Bachelorette Party 4

I mentioned to you all that my wonderful roommate (who now has her DOCTORATE in some crazy complicated chemistry field!) is getting married in 5 weeks?

For her bachelorette party, she wanted to go wine tasting in MY backyard. So, naturally, being the wine snob that I am, I planned the thing. I chose three wineries for us to tour– Tablas Creek Vineyards (their 100% Mourdevre is to die for!!), Adelaida Cellars (they have a petting zoo/baby goats! Oh yeah, and amazing wine 🙂 ) and, one of my favorites, Daou Vineyards.

Since I was the DD and the only one not drinking (I had a few sips/tastes here and there just to appreciate it!), I took it upon myself to play photographer. I must say, I really am enjoying getting the hang of the manual settings on my new camera!

Bachelorette Party 8


Bachelorette Party 5


Bachelorette Party 6


Bachelorette Party 7

Bachelorette Party 3

Bachelorette Party 1

Bachelorette Party 2


Bachelorette Party 13


Bachelorette Party 14


The gorgeous bride to be on her “throne”!


Bachelorette Party 10

Did you know that my roommate is and was an eBay expert? Back in the day (10-ish years ago), we used to score AMAZING deals on designer merchandise by misspelling common brand names into the eBay search engines. Want a Dooney Burke purse, for instance? We’d type in, “Doone and Burk”, because often people list things in a rush and leave off a letter. And what happens? You get to bid on something hardly anyone else has seen!

And THAT my friends, is how my roommate scored her awesome $800 Louboutin heels for just under $100!

Bachelorette Party 9


Bachelorette Party 12


I joined in for a couple of shots, naturally 🙂



Bachelorette Party 16


Bachelorette Party 11


Note my bottle of tea!

Bachelorette Party 15


After the wineries, we all went to a River Oaks Mineral Hot Springs for a good soak, Robert’s Restaurant for an amazing dinner, then back to my house for an evening of chic flicks and junk food (I kicked my 4 boys out, of course!).

I had such an amazing time with these girls! Who knew that a piano/English teacher could have a good time with a bunch of Doctors of Chemistry, ahm-aye-right? I’ll just make sure they don’t find out my Math grades from High School (because I don’t think that the “Nature of Math” course I took at Biola is even a true math course!).

Modesty For Moms

What I Wore Skirt and Boots Modest 1

There once was a time when I thought I was considered modest. A conservative modest, nonetheless. I never broke the dress code at my small private high school, I wore a shawl with all of my prom dresses, and I even added off shoulder sleeves to my wedding dress.

And then, I had a semi-hellish experience as a teacher, where a mom decided to publicly crucify me for having a belly button ring. Yes, moderately/conservative/goody t-shoes, had a BELLY BUTTON RING? Lordy Lordy. I didn’t broadcast it but one of my students figured it out. This mom spread the news around school, and suddenly, my stomach became the topic of everyone’s conversation.

And, 7 months later, my stomach once again became the topic of everyone’s conversation, when I finally became pregnant with our Gregory. (Spoiler Alert– I don’t still have a belly button ring. After I was about 6 months pregnant, I decided I didn’t want to be “that” mom and took it out).

It was then I entered the “Mommy Era” of Modesty, where everything is turned upside down on it’s head. For the first 24 years of my life, I was taught to COVER UP my chest and make sure that cleavage didn’t miraculously escape and flash someone. For the next 3.5 years, I had to teach myself how to strategically UNDRESS in public so as to nurse my baby.

Nowadays, I think less about modesty, and more about convenience. Thoughts such as, “If I wear this, will I still be able to pick up the kids and not embarrass myself?” are what I deal with. I think this is why I always want to wear yoga pants– they just don’t let you down in the comfort-meets-function department! Being a mom with young kids is basically an athletic event, right?

When it comes to skirts and church, I stick with the “longer is better” code because I am involved in a 2 hour standing/bending/picking up marathon. I love wearing boots with skirts, because it’s spring time and the sun hasn’t quite met my skin in a while, giving my legs a transparency vibe (and not the good kind). And a scarf just makes everything better, am I right?

What I Wore Skirt and Boots Modest 3


See this awesome bracelet my sister in law gave me for Christmas? You can find it at World Market. And if you say (or politely think to yourself) that I have veiny hands, I KNOW, RIGHT? Every nurse in my entire life looks at my veins from afar and says, “OOH! You have great veins!” like a vampire.

What I Wore Skirt and Boots Modest 4

What are your thoughts on Mommyhood and modesty?