3 Random Thoughts

I hate to follow such a sad post with normal stuff, but it’s kinda the way life has to go. I’m already pensive and morose enough as it is.

I have 3 thoughts for today:

1. My dad is convinced I’ve become domesticated. It sounds like we’re talking about some wild animal, when it’s said like that, but whatever. It’s true. I have proof.

These are the top 3 things on my wish list right now.

I've gotten really into coupons the past 2 months....just ask Jesse. I carry my tattered little paper envelope everywhere with me.

I've been wanting a bread bin for some time now, seeing as all the bread on our counter gets cluttered, and there's no room in the pantry. Unfortunately for me, the one I want is $60 :(

I would love to sew more things than just Gregory's bedding set. Unfortunately, it took a very long time sewing all that by hand and I've lost the stomach for that fight. Every machine I tried to borrow from someone was in need of repair and produced ugly stitches that I had to rip out. I'd love my own machine...I used to sew a lot of things, back in my "homeschool days"

2. I bought 2 more diapers for $11 total on Ebay (retail $26-30). I was searching for an easy solution to the days when we are at church or I take Gregory with me to the store or piano lessons and I need to change his diapers. Without a diaper sprayer, it’s not super convenient to bring the cloth diapers. Instead of resorting to keeping plastic disposables on hand for these moments (I accidentally watched a video of how those things NEVER DECAY. EVER.), I’m going to keep these two on hand. They go with flushable/disposable biodegradable inserts. In case you’re looking into G Diapers (they’re kinda trendy right now, which is why Babys R Us and Target carry them), I’ve heard good things about the disposable inserts, but heard from many sources that the cloth ones leak. Some people use different cloth inserts by other brands and they work well, I’ve heard.

3. I’ve recently taken up swimming as my 3rd Trimester exercise. Not only is floating in the pool absolutely wonderful, but I can actually work hard at something without my joints punishing me for hours afterwards! Jesse got off work at 1pm yesterday, and we went to swim laps in the second, almost always deserted lap pool together. Of course, he always gave me a head start…and then still won. This didn’t make me mad. I’m never competitive.

Additional benefits– swimming the breast stroke actually relieves and treats a lot of the back and alignment problems that happen around this time! As Jesse said, “Why didn’t you discover this sooner?” I know. It feels like another cruel joke that I’m re-discovering swimming at the END of summer. It does bring back a lot of NCA Swim Team memories…I even started telling Jesse about a few of my favorite swim meets, including the one where I got disqualified… 🙂

A picture of our lap pool. No pretty fountains or landscaping like the front one, but way more practical. Plus, it's literally about 30 steps from our front door!

Food on the Table

Has anyone ever used “Food on the Table” (foodonthetable.com) for meal planning? They have a free trial, so I’m going to try a few of their recipes before I make any sort of committment (other than giving out my junk email address, of course!).

The concept is seemingly brilliant, though. You first plug in your zip code, and they pull up the grocery stores in your area. You pick the ones that you like to shop at. Then, you select which foods you like to eat most often, including different cuts and types of meat. They generate a few recipes based around the sales that are going on at the time, and then, with the click of a button, you have recipes and a shopping list!

Hmm….I think I like this! We’ll see how the recipes work out…for now, the free 3 recipes/week is fine by me!

Chemicals in Cosmetics

Paige Bartel sent me a link to this site, http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/, and Julie and I have spent the last 1/2 hour researching the harmful chemical ratings of the products we own or have tried in the past. I also found this article, discussing the dangerous effects of these chemicals on teen girls, especially since they consume many more products than any other age group.

It’s scary.

On a scale of 1-10, 3-6 being a “moderate hazard” 7-10 being a “high hazard” rating”, there were some shockers.

Almost every Neutrogena skin or body product was over a 7.

Clearasil products were 9s and 10s.

Anything Jergens was consistently between 8-10, especially the gradual glow and tanning ones.

Garnier curly hair products were an 8.

Nexxus Conditioners were a 10.

Rembrandt toothpaste was a 7.

Carmex lip balms were between 8-9. Chapstick was 7. Vaseline Lip Therapy and Burts Bees, however, were only 2s!

I was happy to find out that most Pantene products actually rated better than Aveda….but they still fell into the moderate hazard category. Bare Minerals makeup, the kind that Julie and I use, was a 2, so we breathed sighs of relief.

What got me kind of mad, though, was that Johnson and Johnson baby products were 6s and 7s, occupying most of the highest spots for all baby products. The only products they had that fell into the safe range were the baby powders. Luckily, the California Baby stuff that Mrs. Bartel bought me at Target fell into the 1-2 rating.

Has anyone else done research on this before?

And aren’t there government programs in charge of regulating these things? They will probably make a movie soon in the same vein of “Food Inc.” and “Super-size me”. Until they do, people will probably just believe that it’s some hoax, trying to “bring the cigarette companies down” for its “carcinogens”.

Pediatrician Interview

I know I just posted something quite lengthy earlier this morning, but cleaning the house takes a LOT of energy, especially when your hands and fingers are super super sore (again, LOVING this new carpel tunnel thing…grrr). Plus, the rain is making me feel laaazzzyyy 🙂

One of my “to do” items for the day was to schedule an interview with our potential pediatrician. This is an important decision when one is working with a birth center, because many of the tests that the hospital usually takes care of have to be done the following day in a pediatrician’s office (brought in by the father, of course… I’m supposed to be on 3 days of strict bed rest afterwards). If the pediatrician doesn’t see midwifery/birth centers as a legitimate and safe way to deliver a baby…well, let’s just say I’ve heard stories of babies who have been hospitalized on principal, even if there’s nothing wrong, just because they were delivered by a midwife. That, my friends, is the type of hospital bill I would like to avoid. A pediatrician who values the work done by midwives, however, will only hospitalize the baby if something is wrong and they need medical intervention (usually irregular breathing, jaundice, etc.).

There is a small, select list of pediatricians that the birth center gave me, compiled by moms who have given birth at the center and wanted to recommend their pediatrician. Out of those 10-15 doctors, only 2-3 are covered by my Aetna health insurance through UD. Since we will most likely be adding Gregory onto my plan (just $700 for the year!), I decided to search through mine instead of Jesse’s. The list might be greater with his plan, but I might need treatment for myself as well, and it would be easier to kill two birds with one stone.

I wish there was a better analogy for that sort of thing. Killing birds, in the same paragraph as my baby and I. Hmmm….

Making the consultation appt. was super easy, and the receptionist was very kind. Check. Check.

But I still wanted to ask a general question to some of the moms out there. What kind of questions should I be prepared to ask at this appt.? The birth center and my birthing class gave some ideas, but I wanted to know what my friends think.

Some of the questions that have already made the list:

1. How do I go about making morning-of emergency illness appts.?

2. What constitutes an emergency appt.?

3. How many days/weeks will it be once I make an appt.?

4. What do you recommend for a vaccine schedule? Why? (This last one is LOADED with debate, I know).

Send me your input! What were important things you asked/wanted to ask?