Christmas in July Part 2

Wow, the blessings just keep on rolling! Today one of my piano students, whose father works for Southwest Airlines, handed me two round trip stand-by tickets. Of course I started gawking, but she just smiled and said that she knew how much I missed my family back in California and wanted Jesse and I to have them.

This brings the running total value of gifts received this week from piano students to around $3,000. Man, I love Texas generosity:)

Oh, and our good friend Christine is staying with us until Tuesday. So, this feels like Christmas on steroids!

Reason #398 to love Texas

I actually don’t know what number we’re on by now. But it’s definitely something I love.

Apartments. Cheap. Nice. Pretty. Yay.

These past few weeks I have been searching for an apartment complex that both the Unruhs and we would be happy living in.

Before searching, I got an idea from Courtney about what kind she wanted. What I got was pretty funny, at least to me coming from this side of the world. Courtney, please don’t hate me for sharing this:)

Courtney: I really want to make sure it’s nice.

Kelly: Okay.

Courtney: My standards are really high this time around. I want lots of amenities.

Kelly: Okay..?? [Getting scared, wondering how on earth I’m going to find an apartment complex that has a free classical school/nursery]

Courtney: I mean, it at LEAST has to have a dishwasher.

Kelly: [laughs in relief] Courtney, I think you’d be hard pressed to find an apartment in Texas without a WASHER AND DRYER much less a dishwasher!!

So, the search began. I had pretty high expectations, but I didn’t think I could find it all, AND find it for cheap.

And then, along came Village Green Apartments of Bear Creek. They are offering a special right now on their 2 Bedroom w/ attached enclosed sunroom.

Let’s play a game. I’ll list everything the apartment comes with, and you guess how much a month it costs.

* 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, 1 Enclosed Sunroom, a little over 1000 sq. feet

* Real Oak Cabinetry, Crown Molding, Double Paned Insulated Windows, Vaulted Ceilings, Big L-Shaped Kitchen

* All appliances- Fridge, Microwave, new oven- included

* Huge Walk in Closet, Washer and Dryer connections, Real Wood Burning Fireplace

* Brand New Fitness Center (w/state of the art equipment) and Business Center almost completed

* 2 Pools with outdoor gourmet kitchen

* Backs up to a gorgeous huge park filled with tons of trees, creeks, walking trails, dog parks, playgrounds and barbecues.

Here are some pictures:

The sunroom The kitchen

The forest-like park that borders the property:


New Business/Fitness Center Plan:

Ready, set, guess!! (Not you, Courtney or Tess).