Attack of the Deer, Part 3

I have mentioned our extreme deer problem before. They have been the ultimate pests.

They have ruined nearly every garden bed I have at one time or another by SITTING on the plants, despite the fact that they don’t actually EAT any of them. So much for choosing deer resistant varieties!

They leave tons of pebbly poop wherever the boys play. I don’t even want to think about ticks.

When I go out to the car at night to get something, I hear them all, rustling around in the dark just inches from me. Sooooo freaky.

When we pull up, there will often be a herd of 7-10 deer, resting on our front lawn. They dart out in front of the car. Our driveway is dangerous!

And then we can also mention the times that they have broken down the deer netting and raided my garden. I thought that we were past this, seeing as we built CAGES around the garden beds, using wood and chicken wire.

This morning, I saw what they did last night. Some buck with antlers ATTACKED the garden beds, ripping our little door access to shreds.

Deer Attack 3


My little helper, displaying the damage

My little helper, displaying the damage

Deer Attack 1


Huge gaps on either side of the "door"

Huge gaps on either side of the “door”


God help me. I’m getting a shotgun. Enough.Is.Enough.

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