An App for Busy and Pregnant Moms


You guys, FINALLY there’s a great app for moms! When Tiffany, whose husband is the one designing the app, contacted me about doing a review, I was excited to try out something that could be of use to my friends and other moms like me. You can program it to hold details about each of your kids, including appointments, current running shopping lists, and even their important milestones (something that’s especially important for moms who only update their “Baby Books” once in a while).

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Like I was saying, I think that the “milestones” section would be really helpful for someone to record these accomplishments on the go, and then update the baby book when the time is right. I don’t know about you, but I always worried about remembering the little stuff, especially once we had two babies instead of just one!IMG_6064

Kids appointments are hard to keep track of, especially dentist ones that only happen twice a year. I will find this part of the app really helpful for long term record keeping, especially since their next dentist appointment isn’t until 2015 and I haven’t even BEGUN to look at new dayplanners yet.


This app isn’t just for moms to keep track of their kids. It also has some stuff for us as well! The app features special shops just for moms, along with a few stress relieving games (including a trivia game about other famous moms throughout history!).

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The app is only .99 cents and is available for Android and iPhone users here.

Tiffany and her husband Jonathon are the sweetest husband/wife team, and they’re very open to suggestions for the first round of upgrades that will be taking place soon. They’d love your input as well! Contact them through their site, MommyApp, and let them know what you think!

Note: While this post was sponsored, I only write my honest opinions, and would never give a positive review for something that I didn’t consider worth it.

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