Another House Update

Well, folks, this house saga is like something from a movie. A HORROR movie. We’ve been through so many heartbreaks throughout this process, it’s maddening! I’ve heard that if one or two escrows fall through, it’s really tough on a couple buying a house. We’ve been through SIX. SIX!!!

Seriously, this whole process has been awful. I don’t think I will ever want to buy a house again (when I said this to our lender, he said that “buying a house is like childbirth– the baby makes you forget all the pain”. Whatever. Where’s my epidural??).

When we watch “Househunters” on HGTV, I can’t help but get super snarky and start yelling things at the TV like, “LIES!”, “THAT’S NOT HOW IT IS!”, “WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT HOUSE?”, “IF YOU CAN’T GET PAST SOME BAD PAINT, YOU DON’T EVEN DESERVE A HOUSE!”

Part of the reason for all of this craziness is that the market in CA is climbing at a weekly rate. When we tried to buy a house back in April, we had, on average, 5-6 homes in the $200-250k range to pick from. Now? We can’t even find a single 3 bedroom home for under $270k! Every realtor that I’ve talked to says that everyone who’s trying to buy right now is about 6 months too late. If you are a first time buyer, find more useful tips at

Since our “maybe” house switcheroo, we’ve also been in a bidding war on another house (we were competing with TWENTY other people!), AND in escrow on a 2 bedroom that we thought we could do renovations too. We eventually backed out of the short sale we had our offer accepted on because the bank was taking too long to do ANYTHING (normally with short sales, the bank needs 10 days in order to accept an offer that the seller has already accepted, but it had been 4 weeks and we still hadn’t gotten an answer!). We definitely lost the bidding war, even though our realtor offered 100% cash for us, $30k over the asking price! And we decided that with over $25k worth of renovations, the 2 bedroom just wasn’t the right fit for us.

On top of everything, we gave our 30 day notice and have to be out of our apartment by next Wednesday!!! Are you going crazy yet, just hearing about this????

There just might be a happy ending in sight. Our realtor, the one offering 100% cash for us (we will buy it from her immediately, but she’s not even getting commission!), bid on a short sale that was 2 weeks away from foreclosure. Basically, only a full cash offer would work, since normal sales take 45 days and it would have foreclosed by that time.

She won the bid, $25k under what the bank was asking! The bank is working hard to get things settled by next week, but there are no promises or guarantees in this business. We are not counting on much, that’s for sure! But there might be a chance that this is house is finally THE ONE.

Kenton Court 39

If we were to get this house, it would truly be an answer to prayer. It’s 2200 sq ft (WOW!), 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, granite kitchen countertops, beautiful views, and built in 2006!

But, as we know, it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Please pray for us as we pack up our townhouse, without any sure idea of where we’re going!!!


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