A “Maybe” House switcheroo!

I haven’t given a house update in a while, mostly because I didn’t know what to say.

We tried to rent a house, as I explained in my last post, but they turned down our application for sketchy reasons (our FCN worker explained that we shouldn’t have put down Caitlin has a foster child, because that makes people run for the hills, depending on the person….my bad 🙁 ).

Our “bedbugs” house has been all over the map in terms of timeline. We were told last week that we were set to go and that once the tenants moved out, we could occupy it as a rental and carry out the best bed bug treatment. Our fear with that was we wouldn’t have a lot of leverage if anything went wrong in the transaction, (the seller would have the upper hand since he knows we don’t want to move again), and we weren’t getting anything in writing. Then, a week ago, I was told that the bedbug infestation was a lot worse than they thought, and might take multiple treatments and weeks. There was a good possibility we wouldn’t even be in there by the end of the year!

So, I may have had a sobbing meltdown last Friday night. I told Jesse I felt that God had deserted us! Raising a foster child who’s been through a lot is hard enough, but having to do it from afar, while juggling 2 other kids and basically living out of our cars as we go back and forth between my parents’ house and ours? Crazy and insane!

And then, it happened. On Saturday, a short sale that was previously being listed for $291k, just out of our price range, got reduced by $25k, after only 1 week on the market. Jesse knew that this probably meant one thing– the bank was motivated to get it off the books. The listing already stated that one of the lien holders had already approved the purchase price (a major hurdle, if you’re familiar with short sales).

We went to the open house on Monday and LOVED it, despite the funky colors (it’s all maroon and crazy puke orange, with BLACK, I repeat, BLACK baseboards and trim! Who DOES that???). The neighborhood is super cute and well maintained. There is a playground 10 houses down from the house, and even though it has a Paso Robles zip code, it’s in the Templeton school district (a plus for rental or resale value). And, even though it’s not in the same town as our job, it’s only 10 minutes away– 4 exits on the freeway, to be exact.

And….as of a few hours ago, our offer got accepted! We had to beat out someone else, but apparently they liked ours better!

We know it’s a long road ahead, as short sales can be a very difficult, so we could definitely use prayer. Hopefully, an end to this year-long saga/nightmare is in sight!

A picture of the front yard. As you can see, it has a bay window, one of my favorite things!! There is a living room, dining room, AND a family room. Also, the master bedroom has TWO closets!!

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  • bespoken

    Yay! Praying all goes smoothly! When you start the redecorating process, make sure to take “before” pictures – I want to see these crazy colors! 😀