My 5 Favorite Restaurants

Recently I was asked to blog about my 5 Favorite Restaurants from anywhere in the world. I have been quite a few places in the world, but when I was traveling overseas I was a poor student on a budget, and I ate “street food”, mostly (which is how I ended up with camphylobactor once– darn the gypsies and their chicken!). Since becoming an adult in my 20s, however, I’ve grown up a bit in my tastes. I have found 5 wonderful restaurants along the way, and should you ever happen to visit these parts, you should also eat here!


#1 Thomas Hill Organics— Paso Robles, CA $30-40/person

I’ve never been to a more unique and wonderful restaurant. Their menu changes once or twice a month because everything they buy is grown locally and organically. Their wine selection is absolutely incredible (hello Wine Country!), and everything is absolutely delish. This was Jesse’s and my go-to fancy date night restaurant back when we lived on the Central Coast. Expect extravagant soups and meats, paired with unique vegetables and fruits.

And, I forgot to mention, the ambiance is INCREDIBLE, complete with loungers and couches instead of chairs, exposed brick walls, and hanging string lights in the garden/terrace area.

image image

#2 Storyville Coffee— Seattle $5-15/personStoryville coffeeThis is the coffee shop that all Seattle-ites want you to know about. Amazing coffee, downtown views, open loft seating area with an indoor fireplace…what’s not to love? And their desserts and baked goods are flat out incredible. They even have a gluten-free section! Look for this little shop right near Pike Place Market, near the wharf.

3. Astoria Caffe and Wine Bar— Addison, TX $10-30/person

Are you sensing a coffee and wine theme on this blog yet? This is a little place in downtown Addison circle, a hipster/young adult populated neck of the woods in North Dallas. They sell amazing coffee/liquer combos, along with amazing desserts and entrees, in a hip and sultry environment. If you’re looking for a place to meet people or go on a date in North Dallas, Astoria is your place! Jesse and I went here for our 8th Anniversary and loved what an incredible find it was!

4. Uncle Yu’s At the Vineyard, Downtown Livermore, CA $30-50/person

Jesse and I had a rehearsal dinner for a wedding I was in this last Spring. Situated up in Wine Country near Napa Valley, downtown Livermore is already the place to be. Add in this Chinese restaurant with a special gluten-free menu (the chef actually PRIDES himself in making world-class gluten-free food!!), and you have magic. I have never eaten tastier Chinese food, and the wine pairings put a CA spin (literally) on things! I cried tears of joy when I tasted the gluten-free orange-seared shrimp– it was, to date, the best gluten-free food I’ve ever eaten, and made me feel like I could, at long last, enjoy tasty delicacies for dinner.

Jesse and Kelly on dance floor


#5 Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House— Bath, England


Okay, totally a brag-worthy moment right now. On one of my two trips to Europe, a few people from my group got a special reservation at this place, one of the oldest houses in all of Bath, England (which is saying something, since the Romans founded it!). We had a 4 course “tea”, and it was absolutely delicious, enough so that I still remember it to this day, 9 years later! If you are touring England, you will probably make it to Bath (or, at least, you SHOULD!), and this little restaurant is very close to the Jane Austen center. You know, if you’re into stuff like that 😉 Make sure to get reservations, as it’s VERY popular!


Thank you for reading about my 5 Favorite Restaurants! Stay tuned for a list of restaurants that I am DYING to try, but haven’t yet!


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