36 Week Appt.

I’m not 36 Weeks until tomorrow, but today was my Strep B appt.

Last Friday, the chiropractor said that I was showing signs of being pretty close. She said things like, “I’m seeing things that I usually see in 37-38 week stage.”– things like extra swelling in my lower back and tailbone (indicates baby is moving down and HURTING ME, hence the swelling), and lots of relaxin in my joints that wasn’t there the week before.

It didn’t surprise me one bit, because I definitely feel like things are close– again, with the whole “I feel like he’s getting ready to fall out!” sensation.

So it also doesn’t surprise me that the midwife checked today and found that I am already 1 cm dilated! She said the baby’s head was so low, she could only feel him from the ears/neck down while pushing from the outside (how they determine the position of the baby). After checking, she added that his head is at “0 station” (-3 is when they are all happy inside the uterus, +5 is when they are “crowning”). Any lower, and my water will probably break.

Up to 157 pounds now–just 1 pound gained since last month. This also doesn’t totally surprise me, because I can only eat small small amounts (HEARTBURN SUCKS) and I feel nauseous several times a day anyways.

Oh, happy day! Tomorrow, all is safe and they will let me deliver. Let the games begin, Mr. Anthony! Mama is so tired of being pregnant!

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  • Christina

    Wow! Hang in there. I’m excited for you. When you get to where you feel like you can’t do it, know that you can and you’re almost there!