15 Month Appt.

G had his 15 month appt. today (1 day after his 15 month “birthday”) and behaved liked a total champ. He stepped on the adult scale for the lady (no more baby scale!), laughed and giggled as she looked inside his ears and throat (I guess it tickled?), didn’t even notice when they pricked his finger to test for iron levels (he’s got plenty, they said!) and only whined for about 30 seconds after he got his Pertussis shot. Actually, the shot hasn’t seemed to affect him at all…he’s been running around playing with the dog ever since we got home.

We are still opting out of the MMR and chickenpox vaccines for right now. It was a personal choice that I feel completely comfortable with, especially considering my prenatal bloodwork says that I am immune to Rubella (a disease that can permanently damage an unborn baby. We actually grew up next to a girl whose mother caught rubella while she was pregnant, and she was born deaf as a result). Measles and Mumps can be serious, but they are super rare and are usually only serious to adults. Eventually, he will get vaccinated, just because once he’s older I won’t have any control over where he travels, who he comes into contact with at the grocery store, etc., but for right now I want to let his little one-year old immune system be!

The BEST news is that G is now in the 25th percentile for weight at 22.4 pounds and in the 20th percentile for height at 30 inches! This is the first time we’ve seen these kind of numbers since his 3 month appt. The pediatrician seemed very pleased that he’s put on weight, especially since he just looks more “solid” than he ever has.

As far as illness goes, he’s still only been sick the ONE time as a 2 month old with a chest cold. No runny noses, no fevers, nothing. I’m absolutely terrified of his first illness– I don’t know how we’ll both handle it. Since he never feels sick, he doesn’t know what it feels like, and I’ve never had to console him. At least when he falls down, we can “blame” the table or the floor…

Also, he is already at a 2 year old level for speech, since he can now string together a few words at a time! I’ve heard him say, “Bye-bye, bah-bah!” (bye-bye, bottle!), “pees, ma-ma?” (please, mama?) and “da-da-boo?” (daddy, read me a book?). Yes, our smart little cookie 😀

He is repeating everything we say now, especially when we talk directly to him. As he was ripping apart my purse this morning (best distraction ever!), I said, “That’s mama’s gum.” and he said, “guh?” In Dallas this weekend, Jenny was feeding him pumpkin, and he said, “Pum-pum”. I gave him his pacifier today, and he said, “pah-pah”. It’s such a fun stage!

Also…he has quite an obsession with “piggy toes”. I ask him where his are, and he giggles and wiggles his feet or tries to touch them. Whenever I’m not wearing shoes, he comes up and grabs my foot, saying, “Pee! pee!” He’s even tried to grab a stranger’s toes…and yes, it was awkward 😉

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  • http://Cavedin.blogspot.com Jen @ Caved In

    Eek, the finger stick did not go well with Sullivan. Full on wailing and tears complete with snot. I normally handle his shots just fine but this so hard 🙁