10 Day Appt.

Today was a bit traumatic. I’ve been dreading our 10 day appt. more than labor.


Because that’s when they perform the circumcision.

Luckily, they made me go wait in the park while my mom and Jesse stayed with Gregory and the midwife. They injected him with Lidocaine– after that, they assured me that he felt nothing. In fact, Cherie said he just stared at her silently the entire procedure, even falling asleep afterwards.

But it was still hard for me to see the board that they strapped him to, sitting on the table with all the “tools”. They called me back in as soon as he was done so that I could nurse him for comfort. They also instructed us on proper care, then kept us there for about an hour for observation. We go back next week for another checkup, just to make sure it’s healing properly.

In happier news (because who likes talking about circumcision?), I weighed myself on the birth center’s scale, seeing as it’s the same one I used all throughout pregnancy. I have lost all but ONE POUND of the baby weight! Yay for finally being able to wear all of my old clothes! It will be nice wearing things that don’t make me look like an open umbrella.

Also, Gregory is packing on the weight! He not only regained his birth weight of 8lbs. in 10 days (takes 2 weeks for most babies), but also added an extra 4 oz.! Yup, he eats like David, that’s for sure 🙂

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  • Norm

    I hear some boys are circumcised underwater by four skin divers . . .